Terra Incognita

Autumn, the year 525 After the Fall

Return to Eladaria

Our friends return to the Abbess and present to her the sword of her fallen brother. Unable to accept his betrayal, she believes that the warrior slain in the temple must be some other doppelganger and her brother must have been killed elsewhere in his quest. The adventurers are unable to convince her of the truth, and leave her to remember him as she chooses. She does send them off with a letter that confirms the party did find proof of his fate. Our party leaves to return to the eladrin city several weeks after setting out.

On the way, the party is hunted down by a troop of cultists eager to exact revenge for the death of their leader. Instead, the cultists meet their own end and our party continues on. They are paid handsomely for their efforts, and they use their gain to find room and board for the night. On the morrow, they will venture off to meet with the queen.



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