Terra Incognita

Spring, continued.

After slaying a harpy and her fairy dragon allies, our party return to harass the Venetians and deliver a message. The message received, the Venetians march to the Winter Camp to parlay. They tell the party that the only option is complete surrender and that they have 24 hours to comply.

That night, the adventurers leave camp and sneak toward shore. On the way, they are attacked by carnivorous plants and blood-sucking moths. An evil being in the form of a raven takes advantage of the situation and joins the fight against our party. In the end, the adventures are victorious and even kill the raven as he attempts to escape.

Continuing on, the party splits into two groups and one group swims out to a lightly guarded ship. They take the small crew by surprise and capture the ship, sailing on to meet the other group at the rendezvous point.



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