Terra Incognita

Spring, continued.

A New Boat!

Our party sails north, to round the tip of the island and head west toward the cities that Golenits has told them about. Along the way, they spot a beached longboat and decide to investigate. With reckless abandon, they steer their ship toward the beach and land with a terrible crash. They disembark and find the bodies of slain Norsemen among many bodies of a strange race of rat men. Finding a viking still clinging to life, they learn from him that news of this new land has spread through Europe, even far to the north. They had sailed for the new lands seeking fortune and glory but had been overwhelmed by the rat men in their great numbers.

Suddenly, the rat men return to investigate the commotion on the beach. They descend on our party who scramble to defend themselves. Snorri, healed as if by magic, rises to aid in the fight along with another viking, Leif, who they discover is not quite dead yet.

After killing the rat men, our party strips the carrack of its valuables, and then heave it back into the ocean. Once adrift, they set it afire, only to see it sink before it can burn. It settles into the sand, a mast still visible to mark its final resting place.

Our party of exterminators head into the woods seeking out the rats’ burrow. There they find the rats’ chieftess and what remains of the burrow defenses. They finish the burrow off easily enough and pause to rest.



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