Terra Incognita

Spring, the year 525 After the Fall

Spring, the year 525 After the Fall

As the Captain falls to the sand, his men rush at our party. Hragnar shouts to the others to make for home and the palisade, as he holds some of the Venetians on the beach. He slays two attackers before being captured. The rest of the party beat the Venetians back to the camp and fight them off, freeing Hragnar in the process.

As they work to reinforce their wall, a visitor approaches. Golentis, a young elf wizard comes seeking adventure and offering friendship. They gladly accept him, and make plans to cause mischief in the Venetian camp. That night, Hragnar sets off alone to swim to the ships. The rest of the party attempt to create a diversion by stealing supplies and setting fires to some of the tents.

When they arrive, they find the Venetians preoccupied with fighting the fish men. They make off with few supplies, but spend little time interfering with the battle already in progress. Hragnar makes full use of the chaos, and sets fire to two of the ships anchored in the bay.

As the party returns to their camp, they find that a small platoon of Venetian soldiers has set up an ambush for them. Ever perceptive, our heroes get the jump on the soldiers and attack first. They defeat the soldiers (with much help from their new elven friend) capture their horses.



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