Terra Incognita

Summer, continued

Knights Errant

After an uneventful journey (if you don’t count a failed ambush by some hapless bandits), our party reaches the small village of Okanda and find it swollen with refugees. Before they can find out what is going on, a band of cultists descends on the village and begin attacking the refugees. Our heroes finish the cultists off just before some armed monks arrive to assist. Their leader introduces herself as Quenti, Abbess of the Order of Light. These devotees to Pelor have been fighting off death squads from some cult of Bane called, “The Hand of Naraash.” Her brother, the paladin Jaryn, has taken a small band of monks to seek out and kill the leader of the cult in the hope that this will end the attacks. Her brother has been gone several months, and she fears the worst.

Already suspecting that this job will require more than a week, our adventurers start out looking for the lost paladin’s trail. In each village they come to, the party question the locals who seem mistrustful and unwilling to help. After some enhanced interrogation techniques, our party finally gets the information they need to find the Black March, the path that will take them to the Temple of Naraash.

One night as they rest in a ruined manor house, an injured paladin stumbles into their camp. Our heroes attempt to aid the paladin, but the paladin attacks them and and then leads them into an ambush. Several attackers fall on them, each wearing the appearance of the missing paladin. The group kills most of the doppelgangers, but one manages to slip away.

The next day, our adventurers find the Black March and then march they do, along the way playing hide and seek with a patrol of hobgoblins and a game of fetch with their hounds. Finally they arrive at the temple only to find an army of cultists camped outside. Ingeniously, our party disguise themselves as new recruits, and walk through the camp and up the stairs to the temple. As they reach the temple doors, the escaped assassin arrives in camp to warn the cultists that his mission failed. Seeing our heroes on the temple steps, he identifies them as the mercenaries hired by the Order of Light.



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