Terra Incognita

Summer, the year 525 After the Fall

A Long Strange Journey

In an eventful summer, our party met a travelling halfling peddler, Toliver (and his faithful employee Merp), fought off and then killed a ship of pirates, returned a repentant pirate to his family, danced with Satyrs, and at long last reached the eladrin city, Eladaria. After a night of debauchery, our freshly scrubbed adventurers (their ranks bolstered with some new recruits) met with the Captain of the Queen’s Guard, Stannis. Though doubting that the Queen would grant them assistance, he told the party to return in a week and in the meantime he would try to convince her to grant them an audience.

Finding themselves with a week to kill, our heroes decided to hire themselves out as mercenaries. The olive-skinned mercenary captain, Pucara, had the perfect job for them. He promised them it should only take a week. A religious order in a nearby village needed some help finding a missing paladin. Our band of misfits agreed to take the job.



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