Terra Incognita

Winter, the year 524 After the Fall

Winter, the year 524 After the Fall

Having made it most of the way through winter, our party leaves the safety of their palisade to replenish their firewood. While at their task, they notice a column of smoke or steam rising periodically in the distance to the West. They decide to return home with their timber and investigate the strange cloud the following day. However, as they approach their camp they notice that smoke rises in that direction as well.

They find their gate smashed-in and their camp ransacked. Two of their comrades lie slain in the dirt, and a third is unconscious in the burning smoke house. They pull him to safety and he is able to tell them that the attackers rode great wolves and had blue skin before he passes out once again. Finding most of their rations stolen and their pet fox missing, they resolve to ride after the raiders in the morning.

They embark the next day, and following the raider’s trail encounter one of the blue goblins seemingly trapped under a fallen tree. Our adventurers suspect trickery however, and are able to foil an ambush gaining the upper hand in the process. After vanquishing three raiders and their dire wolf mounts, our party pauses to recuperate. Suddenly and as if conjured by some evil magic, a blizzard forms and presses the weary band forward.

The storm deposits the travelers at the feet of a Frost Goblin Hexer and her many minions. At first, the battle favors the goblins, but our troops rally and win the day. In addition to their stolen food, they find a cache of weapons and armor of elven craftsmanship. Exhilarated with their victory, they load their captive with the spoils and march her back to camp, forgetting all about the fate of their poor defenseless fox who for all they know is still shivering in his cage hidden among the corpses of the dead goblins.

A few days later, some of the party venture to the beach where they see ten huge ships anchored off shore. On the beach, a great throng of people are busy unloading boats with enough supplies to begin a colony. Our party watch stunned as Captain Fransisco disembarks from one of the boats and claims the island for Venice naming it Nuovo Veneto.

Spotting the on-lookers, the captain runs to them. “I’ve returned!” he says magnanimously “I’ve fulfilled my promise!”

“Yes,” says Hragnar, “welcome back to New Scandinavia.” The Captain gives a cavalier smile and says, “Maybe history will remember it once being named that.” Remembering his duty to supervise the unloading, the Captain turns to head back to the boats. Hagnar takes the opportunity to sink an ax into his skull.



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